Student kills intruder in his garage, ninja style! That’s right a John Hopkins University student killed an intruder with a Samurai sword.

samurai sword

Talk about not laying down and letting the thugs take over! This guy opened up a can of ancient Japanese smack down on a burglar who allegedly broke into his garage at an off-campus address twice this week.

Reports state it was the second time that 49-year-old Donald Rice had broken into the same house in one night. The first time he stole two computers and a Playstation. But the second time, a young man wielding a sword confronted him.

After authorities responded to a call about a suspicious person, they heard yelling and screaming. That’s when they found the suspect in really bad shape. We’re not just talking a single stab to the abdomen: he was apparently missing an ear, his hand was nearly sliced off of his arm, and he had several slash marks on his upper body. He did not survive the encounter.

You should never mess with a college kid’s video games!

But did the man defending his property have the legal grounds to fatally wound the intruder? The answer is maybe. University of Maryland Law Professor said:

“People are allowed to use deadly force in defense of their home if there’s a felony being committed or about to be committed or if they, themselves, reasonably believe that they or a family member are at risk.”

The man with the sword told authorities that the suspect charged him before he was forced to defend himself. If the police investigation proves his statement to be true he likely won’t be charged.

A spokesman for the Baltimore City Police said:

“Samurai swords are not illegal here in Baltimore City and it’s like going to your garage with a baseball bat.”

What do you think about the case? Should the student have killed the intruder? Give us your thoughts in the comments section.

Check out a video about the incident below.