A Jackie Kennedy note to Ethel Kennedy written after the funeral of Ethel’s husband, Robert Kennedy, has reportedly been listed as a “stolen good”. Read more about the story below.

Jackie Kennedy

The Jackie Kennedy note is said to be two pages long, and was apparently written as a condolence letter to Ethel Kennedy, whose husband, Robert Kennedy, was assassinated on June 6, 1968.

FBI spokesman Mark White has established that the note is in fact authentic. It states:

My Ethel —
No one in the world could have ever been like you were yesterday — except maybe Bobby — We are going home now — Your phone was busy
You don’t want any more callers you must be so tired — I stayed up till 6:30 last night just thinking — and praying for you — and for you in the months ahead —
I love you so much —
You know that anything — Stas will take little Bobby to Africa — I’ll take them around the world + to the moon + back — anything to help you + them now and always —
With my deepest deepest love

She mentions “Stas” in the note, and it is believed that she is referring to Aristotle Onassis, whom she wed in October 1968.

The note ended up at a Dallas auction house, Heritage Auction Galleries, in 2006. Max Kennedy, the son of Robert and Ethel, who is an attorney in Los Angeles, contacted the FBI and said that the note was never given away or sold to anyone.

An affidavit filed by the U.S. District Court in Texas revealed that the Jackie Kennedy note was first found by Thomas Nuckols. The note was among the paperwork left by his father, Russell Thomas Nuckols, a plumber who once worked in the Kennedy household, who died in 1999. The younger Nuckols was shocked by what he found, got into contact with the Kennedy Library in Boston, Massachusetts, and according to the affidavit, “the person on the telephone did not seem too interested in the letter”. He was subsequently referred to a Kennedy memorabilia collector in Connecticut, who bought the note for $6000.

The note was sold several times before landing at Heritage Auction Galleries. Heritage co-chairman James Halperin said:

“We’re delighted that the FBI finally is in the process of returning it to the Kennedy family, where it belongs. We were just waiting for them to show up.”

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Jackie Kennedy