News arrives of the surviving Bee Gees to reunite for live shows. For the icons known for their contribution to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, it will be the first time, since the death of Maurice Gibb in 2003 at age 53. See classic videos and find out more about the new concerts in the works with the two remaining members, brothers Robin and Barry Gibb.

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The Grammy Award winning group, originally a trio of brothers born in Great Britain, so synonymous with the iconic film 1977 Saturday Night Fever which both defined and reflected the Disco era, had been together since 1958, nearly twenty years before they became music superstars with a trio of international No. 1 hit singles from the movie soundtrack — Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, and How Deep Is Your Love. Videos of all of these iconic songs can be seen below.

Success may not have been overnight for the legendary group, but when it arrived, it was monumental. The famous soundtrack itself was a massive seller eventually certified 15 times platinum in the U.S.

Now according to the BBC, the story of the Bee Gees to reunite is direct from the source. Quoting the interview that Robin Gibb (picture above, right) gave to BBC Radio, reveals they themselves have announced their intentions to return to the music scene.

“The two of us are getting back together again as we speak,” Gibb told BBC Radio’s Test Match Special cricket program.

He said he and Barry had “got through the breakwater of emotions” following their sibling’s 2003 death.

As Reuters notes, the death of their brother Maurice Gibb, who was Robin’s twin, was sudden and from complications after intestinal surgery. Thereafter the surviving brothers had only performed a few times at charity events. Quoting again from the BBC radio show, Robin Gibbs said:

“It’s an emotional thing when you lose someone that close.”

No dates have yet been set for concerts. Readers, share your thoughts? Are you looking forward to the new concert appearances?

That’s the latest buzz on the surviving Bee Gees to reunite after their six year hiatus.

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