At a hearing, the judge told the runaway convert that she may stay in foster care for now. Rifqa Bary became a runaway after her religious preference allegedly caused trouble with her parents. Read more and see photos and video here.

court hearing

After recently converting to Christianity, the teenager found Rev. Blake Lorenz’ prayer group via Facebook. She made the decision to leave her Ohio home, after she says her father threatened her because of her refusal to stay a muslim. Her parents reported her as a runaway, and two weeks later she was found in Florida.

Bary had been staying with Rev. Blake Lorenz, who runs the Global Revolution Church in Orlando. At this week’s hearing, the judge decided to allow her to stay in foster care in Florida until she enters mediation with her parents. If they cannot reach an agreement, there will be another hearing on September 29.

Her parents have consistently denied making any threats, telling CNN:

“We wouldn’t do her harm. I have no problem with her practicing any faith.”

They also stated that they would prefer she remained a Muslim, but that she could convert if she chose to.
A report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement seems to confirm their innocence. The two-week investigation examined whether or not Rifqa Bary’s parents posed any threat to her safety:

“(the result) indicates there is no evidence out there whatsoever to corroborate these accusations.”

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Watch a video about the girl below.