Now airplane manufacturer Boeing sets Dreamliner flight date to the end of the year. This week Boeing sets a new test flight date for the much-delayed Dreamliner jet. Read more and see photos and video here.

Boeing 787

The new 787 designed for maximum fuel efficiency, and made with light carbon composite parts, will finally see its first test flight by the end of the year. The jet is expected to be the first in a new generation of modern commercial aircraft.

Boeing has been stricken with delays in the Dreamliner’s launch, which could end up costing the company billions in expenses and penalties. Japan’s All Nippon Airways Co, for example, was set to have their first delivery back in 2007, shortly after the first test flight was set to take place.

For the production of the new jet, they’re attempting a completely new business model—overseas suppliers will assemble large sections, which are shipped to Seattle for final assembly. That approach makes it much more difficult to control all aspects of the manufacturing process, and is partly to blame for the delays.

There have even been reports that some sections of the plane haven’t been fitting together properly upon arriving at the plant in the US. Boeing remains confident that they will have a successful launch, and the Dreamliner remains its best-selling aircraft, with over 850 orders in place.

See photos and video below.