Octogenarian sisters have won $500K and the money is causing a rift between the two. Read more here!

132665 lottery winner

Two once-inseparable octogenarian sisters shared an obsession for gambling. Now, the duo is 500k richer, but the money has ended up dividing them.

The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that one sister can sue the other for a share of the winnings.

83 year old Theresa Sokaitis says she and her 87-year-old sister, Rose Bakaysa used to gamble together regularly. They would play the same lottery numbers, and play the slots and cards, and had agreed to split the winnings. Sokaitis says she and her sister put an agreement in writing in 1995 after Sokaitis won more than $160,000 playing poker at Foxwoods. She shared with her sister.

Sokaitis’ attorney, Sam Pollack says,

“They actually sat down with typewriter and typed up this four-line agreement which says that ‘we will share in any future winnings from lottery, cards, bingo’ and actually had this agreement notarized.”

“We had an accountant, we had a contract and we had a notary public,” Sokaitis said. “We signed the contract together and we agreed to split anything. And when it came time, they didn’t even tell me; I saw it in the paper.”

Now the sisters who one played together, are letting something that was once fun come between them. How sad.