A Saudi princess was robbed of $15 million of cash and jewelry from her hotel room while at a swanky Italian resort. Read more about the story below.


Saudi Princess was robbed of $15 million in cash and jewelry from hotel room

The Saudi princess (who has not been identified), had cash and jewelry stolen from her room at the Colonna Pevero Hotel in Porto Cervo, Italy.

The robbers apparently used a master key to get into her room and tore out the wall safe containing her cash and jewelry. The princess was not in the room when the burglary occurred.

A Moroccan businessman was also the target of a recent burglary, who was staying at a private villa near the hotel.

Porto Cervo is widely known as a destination for millionaires who own yachts, with villas housing the “rich and powerful”.

Note to Saudi princess, robbed of $15 million worth of cash and jewelry in her hotel room – next time use traveler’s checks and leave your valuables at home! Heh. Readers, share with me your thoughts. Also, check out video of the hotel below.

Colonna Pevero Hotel – Video