200 twins?! Kerala Village has 200 sets of twins and more on the way. Read more about this phenomenon plus photos and video below.


200 sets of Twins in Kerala Village

A village in Kerala has over 200 sets of twins! Kodinhi village has a total of seven wards, of which each ward resides around 2,000 people. So of those 14,000+ people, 400 of them are twins.

A committee has been formed to register the twins, said Pullani Bhaskaran, founder of Twins and Kins Association (TAKA), who also has two 16-year-old twin boys. He said:

“We have recently formed an 11-member executive committee and have begun registration of twins. So far we have zeroed in on 230 pairs of twins and we are trying to rope in all the twins irrespective of their age. We feel the number could swell to more than 300 pairs.”

The oldest living twin is said to be 85-year-old Mohammed Haji, whose twin died a couple years back. The oldest living set of twins are Pathukutty and Kunji Pathukutty, who are 65 years old. Recently, a twin set of boys were born on May 6th and more sets are due soon.

Several sets of twins met with a team from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, where they were quizzed regarding their food habits, etc. Thus far, it has been found that “girls lead the pack”. No other details of the study were released.

And yes, it has been said that there is something in the water of Kodinhi Village that causes the women to conceive twins.

What do you think of this bizarre story of 200 sets of twins in Kerala Village? Could there really be something in that water the women are drinking? Ha ha, leave me a comment below, would love to know what you’re thinking! Meanwhile, check out the video below.

200 sets of twins in Kerala Village – Video