Meet Ratna Pathak Shah. She is a Bollywood actress. Read a biography after the jump and see video.

She first appeared in the film The Perfect Murder. Currently Shah works frequently with her husband, Naseeruddin Shah. She recently spoke out about their relationship on and off the set. Find out what she had to say after the jump and read her biography as well.

“Actually, none of us really minds bringing work home. In fact, even when we are not on the stage with our friends and family, theatre is the centre point of our discussion. Probably, if we were not working together, we wouldn’t be able to see so much of each other. Now with the kids also in theatre, it just doubles up as family time.”

As a biography Ratna Pathak Shah is a Bollywood actress who was born in Mumbai. Pathak is the daughter of Indian actress Dina Pathak. Her sister is also an actress as well.

Her fim credits include her debut appearance in the film The Perfect Murder. She has also been seen in Mandi, Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai and Jaane TuYa Jaane Na. She has also made several appearances in comedy serials on Indian Television.

She is married to Naseeruddin Shah.