Check out Jyothika Sadanah Saravanan. She is a Bollywood Actress. Read her biography after the jump and check out video.

She daughter of film producer Chander Sadannah, has appeared in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films.

As a biography Jyothika Sadanah Saravanan was born in Mumbai on October 18, 1978.

She made her film debut in the 1998 Hindi film entitled Doli Saja Ke Rakhna. In 1999 she appeared in Vaali as Sona as well as the films Poovellam Kettuppar, Snegithiye, Mugavari, Rhythm and Uyirile Kalanthathu.

Throughout her career to date she has appeared in Tamil ffilms as well as Telugu, Hindi and Kannada ilms. She has won over five awards for Best Actress since 1998.

A video of Jyothika Sadanah Saravanan is below.