Meet Geetu Mohandas. She is a professional Malayalam actress who started acting at the age of five years old. Read Mohandas’ biography after the jump and see video of the Onnu Mudhal Poojyam Vare star.

Malayalam actress Geetu Mohandas will be directing her own 30 minute film entitled Kelkkunnundo. Mohandas wrote the script herself and had this to say about the film’s premise:

“It is a film on urbanisation and development. I want to ask if the so-called development that we see around us, is what development is all about? Who does it benefit? These questions are all raised by my four-and-a-half-year-old blind protagonist Ammu.”

Read more on Geetu Mohandas after the jump and see video of the actress as well.

Geetu Mohandas Biography

As a biography, Geetu Mohandas is a Malayalam actress who was born in 1981. Her real name is Gayathri Mohandes. At the age of just five years old, Geetu made her first movie appearance in the film Onnu Mudhal Poojyam Vare.

In the same year she also appeared in Veendum as Baby Geethu and Rareeram as Geethu.Four years later in 2000 she was cast in Life is Beautiful, Thenkasipattanam and Valkannadi.

Mohandas has been named winner of the Kerala State Film Award. Her other acting credits include Pauran, Bharathan, Naalu Pennungal and Akasha Gopuram. Geetu is said to be interested in directing.

More photos and a video of Geetu Mohandas are below.

Geetu Mohandas Video