Meet Jennifer Dinshaw Kotwal. She is a former model and Bollywood actress who has appeared in both TV and film. Read Jennifer Dinshaw Kotwal’s biography and see video and photos of Kotwal after the jump.

Bollywood actress Jennifer Dinshaw Kotwal is reportedly dating Yuvraj Singh! According to Kotwal though, she isn’t doing any of the such. Recently speaking out about the rumors she said:

“I’m a big fan of football game. Once while watching a tournament, Yuvi came to me and wished me. And I also wished him. That’s all. Nothing more happened between us. This unexpected meet has caused so many rumours.”

Jennifer Dinshaw Kotwal Biography

As a biography, Jennifer Dinshaw Kotwal is a Bollywood actress and model from Mumbai, India. She is a graduate from Villa Teresa High School. Before pursuing acting, Kotwal appeared in several commercials. She has since appeared in TV series like Just Mohabbat. Her film credits include Yaadein, Kareena Kapoor, Jogi and Hrithik Roshan.

Jennifer Kotwal can also been seen in the upcoming Indian films Jogi, the sequel, and Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekkh Mudh Mudhke.

A video of Jennifer Kotwal is below.

Jennifer Kotwal Video