Bollywood’s former sexy starlet Kimi Katkar has been absent from the film industry for quite sometime. Now after years of silence Katkar has finally decided to speak out and give her fans insight on where she has been since her retirement in 1993. You can also read Kimi Katkar’s biography and see video after the jump.

Sexy former Bollywood actress Kimi Katkar has spoken out for the first time in years since leaving her acting career behind. Find out what she had to say here and read Katkar’s biography after the jump.

Kimi Katkar Biography

As a biography, Kimi Katkar is a Bollywood actress who was born on December 11, 1965 in Mumbai. Katkar made her film debut in the 1985 Hindi movie The Adventures of Tarzan. Finally catching a break after landing several small roles, Kimi starred as Jumma in the Hindi feature film titled Hum.

Kimi Katkar continued to pursue her acting career and appeared in the film Ustaad before changing her focus. Katkar preferred roles that allowed her to dance and sing. Before retiring in 1993 from Bollywood films Kimi Katkar went on to appear in Kala Bazar, Intkaam and Gair Kaanooni.

More photos and a video of Kimi Katkar are below.

Kimi Katkar Video