Meet Koel Puri. She is an Indian actress, talk show host and movie director. Read Koel Puri’s biography and see video of the Bollywood star after the jump.

Check out Koel Puri. She is a talk show host of the television series, On the couch with Koel. Puri is also an Indian actress and director of the film Everybody Says I’m Fine! Read more about Koel Puri after the jump and see photos here of the hot Indian actress.

Koel Puri Biography

As a biography Koel Puri was born on November 25, 1978 in Delhi. Puri is an Indian actress and graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Koel currently is the host of the talk show “On the Couch with Koel”.

She has also starred in several TV series and films. Some of Koel’s acting credits include Everybody Says I’m Fine, Road to Ladkah, Amal, Mixed Doubles, The Great Indian Butterfly, American Daylight, Losing Gemma and Fairy Tales.

A video of Koel Puri is below.

Koel Puri Video