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“I Didn’t Watch Any Movie With Shahid” – Amrita

Amrita Rao is pretty disturbed these days. Why??

Because she’s being linked to her ‘Ishq‘ co-star Shahid Kapoor and while Shahid has laughed off the rumours, Amrita can’t just ignore them.

Recently, it was reported that she went to watch a movie in a suburban theatre in Mumbai with Shahid and his family. It was later found that Shahid watched the movie accompanied by his parents and brother and one of his childhood friends and Amrita wasn’t even in the town!

While Shahid was amused and surprised, Amrita was in complete shock.

“It is shocking how people can make up such stories. I was nowhere around. I was celebrating New Year’s at home with my cousins. After that I had an early morning flight to catch to Delhi for the promotions of My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves. wish the person who wrote the story got his facts right. Where was I spotted? I really want to know.”

Pretty angry.. huh?? I hope the reporter who reported the story, stays at home and hey.. watch out for Amrita!

Amrita is not only upset about her being linked to Shahid but also because of the reports saying Kareena got upset because she was spotted coming out of Shahid’s van.

“This is utter rumour mongering. I’d like to remind everyone that it is Kareena herself who has openly praised my performance in Vivah in the media. She has always been more than nice to me, so where is this rumour starting from? It is baseless and sick.”

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