Check out Nandita Chandra. She is an Indian actress and model. Read Nandita Chandra’s biography after the jump and see video.

Bollywood actress Nandita Chandra has worked as an anchor on Channel V and as a children’s theatre director. Read more on Nandita with her biography and video after the jump.

Nandita Chandra Biography

As a biography Nandita Chandra is an Indian actress and model. She is the first Indian actress to attend the Actor’s Studio Drama School in New York.

Currently living in New York, Nandita Chandra has worked on India’s Channel V as a television anchor. She has also done work on theatre as a children’s drama director. Chandra has also appeared in a handful of films.

In 2003 she appeared in Chehere, Red, Black and White. In 2004 she played Katsaki in the film Red Earth and starred in Occasional Twists and Turns. She has also been recognized for her work in theatre and performing arts by Himachal Pradesh C.M. Hon Pratibha Patil.

More photos and a video of Nandita Chandra are below.

Nandita Chandra Video