Meet Antara Mali. She is a Bollywood actress. Read Antara Mali’s biography and see video of her after the jump.

Bollywood actress, Antara Mali, is a critically acclaimed actress who hasn’t appeared in movies for the last four years. Find out more on why Antara Mali has left her career behind. Read Antara’s biography after the jump and see photos of her here.

Antara Mali Biography

As a biography Antara Mali is a Bollywood actress who began her career in 1999. Mali first appeared in the film Prema Katha as the character Divya. In the same year Antara appeared in Mast.

“Acting is in my blood. When I was in school at that time itself I had made up my mind to be an actress but I kept it to myself and didn’t disclose it to anyone. When I finally did, dad did all he could to dissuade me. I thought he would be supportive of my decision, but he was totally against it. It took me months to convince him and finally I got him to shoot my portfolio.”

She has since gone on to star in the films Khilada as Monica, Company as Kannu, Road, Dama Mana Hai and Naach. In 2005 Antara Mali tried her hand at directing. She penned the script for her first movie Mr Ya Miss which was produced by Ram Gopal Varma productions. Mali’s film did not receive rave reviews as did her prior films. Since then Antara has left her acting career behind and has not appeared in film in the last four years.

A video of Antara Mali are below.

Antara Mali Video