Sharon Stone baffled her audience at the Launch of Mardan Palace, when she was reading off of an autocue, and mispronounced Turkey’s neighboring country, Azerbaijan. Instead of just moving on with the speech, she said I can’t pronounce this, and started to chant the name of diva Chaka Khan. Check out pictures and video here.

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Sharon Stone Mardan Palace Launch

Sharon Stone, during a speech, left the crowd of an opening lavish resort in Turkey stunned, when she admitted that she had never heard of one of their country’s closest allies, Azerbaijan. The Basic Instinct actress made a whopping $1.5 million for making her appearance, at the grand opening of Mardan Palace in Antalya, and didn’t even take the time to get her facts right!

She mispronounced Turkey’s neighboring country, Azerbaijan, and then left the audience baffled when she began to chant the name of singer Chaka Khan instead, according to Contacmusic. While attempting to read off of the autocue, she exclaimed to the crowd:

“Azerbaijan? What is that? I can”t pronounce this! Chaka Khan! Chaka Khan!”

Other stars that got their hand in on the incredible sum of cash, offered by the resort for making an appearance, included Mariah Carey, Tom Jones, and Paris Hilton.

What do you think, was Sharon Stone obnoxiously rude, or did she just get caught off guard? If you feel that it was the first choice, does she owe the Mardan Palace and the audience attending her speech an apology? Let us know in the comment section below.

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