Meet Tanvi Shah, a popular playback singer for movies in India. She has recently gained attention world wide, as the voice of two of Slumdog Millionaire’s most recognizable songs, Jai Ho and Gangsta Blues. Check out video and a Tanvi Shah biography here.

Tanvi Shah

Tanvi Shah, the voice behind two of Slumdog Millionaire’s most highly esteemed songs, Jai Ho and Gangsta Blues, is almost as humble as she is talented. She insisted in a recent interview with the Times of India that “AR deserves all the praise, why me?”

Well maybe it has something to do with that extraordinary voice of yours Tanvi, but who knows.

Tanvi Shah Biography

Tanvi Shah is an admired playback singer for Bollywood films. She has an incredible vocal range, and can sing in several languages including Arabic, Spanish, and Latin. Her debut song “Fanaa” was featured in the movie “Yuva.” She has collaborated with AR Rahman several times, including on songs from Rang De Basanti, Jillunu Oru Kadhal, SDM, and recently Delhi 6.

She has been described as a free spirit, with a love for laughter, and an unassuming attitude.

Tanvi has performed on some of the worlds most renowned stages, like the Wembley Arena and the Burmingham Arena. She was also featured on the Father of Rap’s song “Snoop Dogg Millionare.”

Several films have featured her songs including: Yuva, Silluna Oru Kaadhal, Sivaji: The Boss, Thotta, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Saroja, Slumdog Millionaire, Delhi-6, and Muthirai.

Tanvi Shah Video