Meet Deepti Naval. She’s an Indian actress. Read Deepti Naval’s biography below and see video after the jump.

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Deepti Naval

Indian actress Deepti Naval made her directorial debut at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. Previously on the other side of the camera, Naval had this to say about her new film:

“I haven’t made this film only for the festival circuit. I want to reach out to filmgoers across India. The film certainly isn’t typical Bollywood fare, but it is completely accessible emotionally.”

For more on Deepti Naval read her biography below.

Deepti Naval Biography

As a biography Deepti Naval was born on August 22, 1957 in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Naval attended the University of New York and also obtained her Fine Arts Degree after graduating from Hunter College in Manhattan.

In 1980, Deepti Naval began her career in the entertainment business starring in the film Ek Baar Phir. From there she worked steadily, landing roles in the popular flick Punjabi film Marhi Da Diva, Saath Saath, Chashme Buddoor and Mirch Masala.

After taking a hiatus from acting, Deepti has stepped back into the limelight starring in two films, Bawandar and Freaky Chakra. She currently directed her first movie, Do Paise Ki Dhoop Char Aane Ki Baarish.

More photos and a video of Deepti Naval are below.

Deepti Naval Video