Shamita Shetty and Shane Warne were reportedly seen getting cozy in a night club in S. Africa, resulting in rumors that the two may be an item. Check out pictures, video, and a Shamita Shetty biography here.

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Shamita Shetty

The only thing that outshines the cricket playing abilities of Shane Warne is his knack for ending up in the tabloids.

According to reports, the story goes that recently the Australian cricketer was spotted with Bollywood’s own Shamita Shetty, cozying up in a night club in South Africa. When the two spotted the media at the club, Shamita took off out the back exit and not to return. Shamita is denying all the gossip revolving around this hookup.

We believe Shamita, although she may want to reconsider, because if she was Shane Warne’s Girlfriend they would make and adorable couple.

Check out Shamita Shetty pics and a video after the jump.

Shamita Shetty Biography

Shamita Shetty was born on February 2, 1979, and is the youngest daughter of Surendra and Sunanda Shetty. In her teens she attended St Anthony’s Girls High School, which is located in Chembur, Mumbai, and then she later went on to graduate from Sydenham College. The Aditya Chopra film “Mohabbatein” was the project that originally launched her into the public eye.

Shamita Shetty has made numerous movie appearances over the years, which include: Mohabbatein, Saathiya, Raajjiyam, Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, Piliste Palakutha, Wajahh: A Reason to Kill, Agni Pankh, Fareb, Zeher, Bewafaa, Mohabbat Ho Gayi, Hai Tumse, Cash, Heyy Babyy, Naan Aval Adhu, and Hari Puttar.

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