Hollywood is calling Bollywood star Divya Dutta once again. Read more and see video here.

Divya Dutta has landed another romantic comedy that is sure to give Dutta an edge over other Bollywood actresses. “Heart Land” is a film that is set to be directed by popular director Fred Holmes. The flick was originally shot in Dallas, Texas, USA, and is coming to India, where Dutta is set to start shooting in just a couple days.

About the new role, Dutta says,

“The unit was considering me for quite some time. I think after Delhi 6, new avenues opened up. I was in touch with the team via emails. The producer, who lives in LA, called me up to give me the good news. The catchline of the film is Away from New York. The film is a combination of rustic America and India. I play a vivacious Punjabi girl in the flick.”

With Dutta’s experience as both a serious and comedic actress, she has the flexibility that Holmes is looking for. Dutta adds,

“Monica and 21/5/1991 — The hunt for Rajiv Gandhi’s killers are some of the serious films that I’m doing, while there are four to five comedies lined up at the same time. One can’t stamp me either as a serious actor, or as a comic one. I guess, every human being has two sides to him/her and I’m no different. There are times when I’m in a serious mood, while at other times, I’m all pepped up. These sides of mine get reflected in the films that I do.”

Despite landing this role quite easily, Dutta indicates that the acceptance of this role was a simple decision. She says,

“Hissss, which is my international debut opposite Irrfan, has me extracting my pound of flesh from the film. I can’t help being choosy. Like many others, I wouldn’t say that the length of the role doesn’t matter to me. It does, and I choose a role on the basis of many parameters; screen time being one of them. In Heart Land, I play an endearing role, which is anything but blink-and-miss.”

Here’s hoping that “Heart Land” will give Dutta the recognition she deserves.

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