Meet Dune Kossatz, a South African model and Hollywood actress who has been crowned Miss IPL Bollywood South Africa 2009. Kossatz has appeared in the popular TV show ‘Entourage’. See photos, video and a biography of Dune Kossatz here.

Dune Kossatz

Dune Kossatz

Kossatz beat out 15 other finalists for the Miss Bollywood title at a glittering ceremony held at the Monte casino entertainment complex in Johannesburg. She was crowned by former Miss Universe of South Africa Michelle McLean.

“As the winner, Kossatz was crowned a specially made tiara from Gitanjali Jewellers containing gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones.”

Dune was the Chennai Super Kings in one of their matches.

The first runner up for the Miss Bollywood IPL crown was Johannesburg’s Business Marketing graduate Genna Cloud and the other one was Dunay Nortje.

Dune Kossatz Biography

As a biography, Dune Kossatz is 35 years old and resides in Johannesburg. She originally hails from East London and has been a model all her life. She is regarded as one of the top supermodels in South Africa.

Kossatz has acted in the popular HBO TV show ‘Entourage‘ and has acted in some movies also. Her filmography includes The Mind of the Married Man, Las Vegas and Venus & Vegas.

Dune was awarded a total prize money of 50,000 Rands and will be flown in Mumbai for a tour of Bollywood. She will be eligible for an audition in one of the upcoming Shahrukh Khan movies and if she makes it, she’ll act in one too.

Kossatz recently admitted that she has never seen a Bollywood movie and would love to be a part of one. She is also practicing on her Hindi language skills.

Check out a video of Dune Kossatz below.

Dune Kossatz Video