Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! actress Neetu Chandra’s recent ‘lesbian photo shoot’ for a men’s magazine did not go well with some political activists. The racy photos show Chandra and model Krishikha Gupta, dressed in bikini, and lying down with each other on a beach in western Mumbai.

The photo shoot was being done for the cover of the June edition of The Man, outside a hotel lobby in Juhu. Some of the customers had the opinion that the two ladies were promoting ‘lesbianism’ in public and they started to protest.

Despite the protests, when the photo shoot progressed further, the angry mob started getting aggressive with the crew and the shooting was immediately stopped. The protesting men were shouting ‘Jai Maharashtra‘ and said they were with Raj Thackeray’s Maharashrtra Navnirman Sena (MNS).

Neetu was certainly not happy with the behavior of the crowd and didn’t think that the photo shoot was too obscene.

“Although slightly outrageous, the shoot was being done aesthetically,” said Neetu when contacted, adding, “But these men were a frustrated lot. First they tried to seek my attention and I acknowledged them. But as I went ahead with my work, they started feeling ignored and thus created a scene. They gave a political turn to the whole issue screaming communal slogans and we had to stop the shoot,” Neetu said.

Check out Neetu and Krishikha’s bikini photos here at your own discretion.

This is not the first time Neetu Chandra is garnering negative publicity for her bikini appearances in public. She has a history of getting involved with controversies. The last time I heard, she created a media storm with some ‘very revealing’ bikini photos.

Anyways, the reports also say that the magazine will go ahead with the photo shoot despite the protests.

Check out a video of Neetu Chandra below.

Neetu Chandra Video