Adnan and britney

Adnan Ghalib is the talk of the town.. after the photographer allegedly bedded pop singer Britney Spears not long after he was struggling to take a pic of her!

Afghanistan born and Britain raised Adnan’s life has suddenly changed.. from being a lensman.. he’s become the prime target of fellow lensmen.

Report is that Britney has been out at least three times with the guy.. so this should be a long affair.

Adnan, who reportedly makes $200,000/- a year stalking Britney, was picked out by Britney from a group of around 40 photographers as they followed her on her one of her nightly rounds in LA. They both then checked into a hotel room.

“She is the way she is because of the people she surrounds herself with. On a single level, I think she’s awesome,” says Adnan about his encounter.

“Britney just wanted to get things off of her chest.”

Now.. this is interesting!

So, who says the two just had talk??

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