Hannah Montana starlet Miley Cyrus is under fire for her leaked hotel photos which allegedly portray her in a lesbian shade.

Miley is shown frolicking on a hotel floor with a female friend and sharing a piece of candy.

I’ve seen the pictures. Can anyone tell me.. what’s wrong with that??
She’s still a girl! She is a child!

Is sharing a candy with your friend in full clothes a crime?

She’s being criticized just for being a celebrity. People just want another Vanessa controversy and nothing else. I don’t understand why should you picture a girl in this shade while she was just having innocent fun with a friend.
What they’re doing is just trying to grab headlines while putting a small girl’s career on stake.. who is definitely very talented!

Like Miley said:

“They’re nothing bad!

“I’m really upset about it, ’cause it was, like, not even a big deal.”

If this little girl can see there’s nothing bad in the pics.. don’t we, grown-up stupid media persons have eyes??

This girl is so sincere.. she’s trying to save her friend also from getting involved. Atleast she wants to take responsibility!

“I have to deal with that anyways,” she said – her friend is not. “This girl doesn’t even have to deal with that, and it’s so hard,” said Cyrus.

Seriously people.. it’s not a big deal.. and let’s not make it one also.