There’s Something About Mary star Cameron Diaz has reportedly dumped British model Paul Sculfor. Cameron and Sculfor apparently split because they were not spending enough time with each other and the romance ‘just died’. Enough of a reason… I say!

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Cameron Diaz

“They have fallen out of love. They didn’t seem to find time for each other anymore. Paul is not too enamored by Los Angeles and wants to be where his friends are. Cameron thought she could settle in England but missed her old life too much. The romance just died,” said a source.

The two have been dating each other for over a year.

This came as a surprise to many, as I imagine even to Paul, as Cameron seemed to have found love for a change and she was even talking about relocating to England because of him. Sources now say that the couple were living in Cameron’s house in Los Angeles for a while now and she just kicked the actor out of it, realizing that she can’t leave her old life because of him.

I feel sorry for Sculfor. The guy was hoping to make it big in Hollywood by cashing in on the high-profile relationship and now his hopes of starting an acting career have just died.

Meanwhile, life has moved on for Diaz. She was recently seen flirting with other people and her movie career is also doing pretty good. We hear that Diaz got the lead role in the new Warner Bros. movie Bobbie Sue, in which she plays an ambitious ambulance-chaser.

In the film, Diaz will play an ambitious, career-driven attorney who is chosen to be the face of a prestigious law firm when a big client is sued in a sexual discrimination case.

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