Meet Sabah Galadhari Sami, a wealthy lady from Dubai who is the wife of popular Pakistani singer Adnan Sami and is now engaged in a bitter divorce. Sabah filed for a divorce recently and charged Adnan for cheating and domestic abuse. See photos, video and a biography of Sabah Galadhari here.

Sabah has alleged that Adnan cheated her by saying that he has stopped drinking and wants to revive their broken marriage a year and a half ago. She says that it’s all over and she can’t tolerate Adnan’s behavior anymore.

“Once again, I was hopeful of bliss,” her petition says. “But happiness lasted a mere three to four months.” She says her dream of motherhood was crushed when she discovered that “excessive alcohol” had led to a low sperm count in her husband.

Sabah also alleged that her in-laws were not supportive at all and they treated her in a bad way when she visited them. She also finds her father-in-law guilty of killing Indian soldiers during the 1965 war between Pakistan and India, in which he served as a fighter pilot.

Her petition also alleges that Adnan “indulged in womanizing” and had “an inappropriate relationship with a leading playback singer”.

The first hearing is scheduled on May 8th.

Sabah Galadhari Biography

As a biography, Sabah Galadhari is about 37 years old. She is a newspaper-empire heiress and is from a very wealthy family in Dubai. Sabah and Adnan first married in 2001 and got divorced in 2004, only to be re-married three years later.

Adnan, who has a son Azaan Khan from a previous marriage, took around Rs. 5 crores from Sabah’s family to kick-start his sinking singing career. The efforts paid off and he became a widely known singer in the sub-continent.

Now, Sabah is asking the money and his flat returned to her and will be walking away from the marriage after getting a divorce.

Check out video of Sabah Galadhari:

Sabah Galadhari Video