Bollywood actress Tanisha, who is better known as the younger sister of Kajol, is reportedly dating an NRI from the United Kingdom. The lady has been spending a lot of time in the country and it is said that she is drifting away from the industry because of the affair.

According to a friend of Kajol’s kid sister, Tanisha has finally found her soul mate and is pretty serious about an NRI businessman based in London.

Tanisha is famous for her role in the movie Neal N Nikki and she was reportedly dating her co-star from the movie Uday Chopra before. However, the relationship seems to have ended as Tanisha has a different man in her life.

Ajay Devgan was planning to get her kick-started again in Bollywood but sources say that Tanisha is now least interested in any career in the movies and marriage is all that’s in her mind right now. So, she refused to work in his upcoming home-production movie.

However, Kajol and her family want Tanisha to spend more time getting to know the guy before they take any further step.

Meanwhile, famous sister Kajol is right now working hard on getting a good size-zero figure. She has always been known as a chubby cute lady but the actress says that she will change her image in minds of the people after the release of her upcoming movie My Name Is Khan.

She gave a sneak-peak of her new avatar during an event organized by Shiksha, a charitable trust for educating young women in India.