Rakhi sawant

Controversy girl Rakhi sawant has again proved her status as a performer (besides acting, of course!) on stage, above the rest.

This time it was the original sex symbol of Bollywood, Bengali babe Bipasha Basu who had to submit to Rakhi’s terms.

When both Bipasha and Rakhi signed up to perform on the new year’s eve for different five-star hotels.. people were busy guessing which item girl will grab more eyes.

Looks like the competition is over before it even started!

The news is that Rakhi’s act in Tulip Star hotel is almost sold out.. while JW Marriot, who signed up Bipasha to perform, are still struggling to sell the tickets.

“JW has charged about Rs 12,000 per ticket for Bipasha while Tulip Star has charged Rs 16,000 per ticket for Rakhi’s show and people are happily preferring Rakhi over a Bipasha!”

Whe Rakhi was quizzed about the news, she said:

“I am aware of the fact that people are looking forward to seeing my show on the 31st. We are getting a huge response and that is what has made me strong. I don’t know the price of the tickets for my show but know that they have been sold out (touch wood). If at all my show is finding more takers than Bipasha’s, what can I say? It’s a great compliment. It shows that the public loves me immensely.”

What’s more.. Bipasha has apparently charged a whopping Rs 90 Lakhs for her show while Rakhi has charged close to 55 Lakhs.
So, JW people are in for a really bad new year!

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