Meet Anjana Sukhani, an Indian Bollywood actress who is dating newcomer Adhyayan Suman. Sukhani is one of the hottest little-known actresses in Bollywood and will be seen in her new movie Jashn with Adhyayan. See photos, video and a biography of Anjana Sukhani here.

Anjana and Adhyayan are the hottest new couple in Bollywood. There were reports of brewing tension between Adhyayan and his long-time girlfriend Kangana Ranaut because his career wasn’t going too well and Ranaut was reaching new milestones with every new movie, especially after Fashion.

Now that the guy has been making appearances with Anjana in his arms, we can sniff a break-up here.

Seems he is tired of answering questions related to their prem kahani. So, Adhyayan has found himself another companion.. his Jashn co-star Anjana Sukhani. They were at the launch of his website, side-by-side. Then, more recently at the twin celebrations of Mohit Suri’s birthday at Kunal Deshmukh’s new restaurant Trikaya in Pune.

As a biography, Anjana Sukhani was born on December 10, 1978 in Jaipur, Rajasthan so her age is 30. She grew up in Mumbai and did her schooling from Kamla High School. She currently holds a Management Degree in International Business.

Anjana started out with a role in the hit Cadbury Dairy Milk TV ad with Amitabh Bachchan. Remember the girl walking down the street when Amitabh wanted the chocolate that she was having and he somehow goes inside her to savour the taste? Well, ya… she then moved on to do movies and her most notable movies is Golmaal Returns. Her filmography includes Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, Sun Zara, Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love and Sunday.

Sukhani will next be seen in Hasnain Hyderabadwaala’s Jashn.

“No wonder, I can stand up and say that ‘Jashn’ is very close to my heart”, says Anjana fondly, “Being so involved with the film for last few months, I have come to realize that I can relate to it at numerous junctures. Yes, there are some moments where the character is not the real me but then there are some strong emotional chords that ‘Jashn’ touches, which makes it all so believable.”