Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley is the latest celebrity to be involved in a national scandal. Celina inaugurated India’s first homosexuality-based magazine ‘Bombay Dost’ recently in a function held in Mumbai. The actress has been the target of hate mails from all over the country since the inauguration.

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She was interviewed about her views on gay marriages and homosexuality.

“I had gay friends all my life but somehow I myself didn’t know the whole concept of what being a gay was all about. As I entered modeling, I did come across quite a few gay friends, but he, my boyfriend, was completely normal at times.

I am always in favour of gays since I started modeling. Yes, at that time, I wasn’t well known nor was I an actress. I was just a citizen of India supporting and taking up a cause so dear to me.”

Bombay Dost is India’s first registered Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) magazine. The magazine was first launched way back in 1990 but was stopped due to lack of funds.

Although, Celina is being attacked from all over the country by people of varied interests, gay activists came in support of her by saying that it depends on an individual how he or she perceives the idea of sexuality. Editor Ashok Rao Kavi says:

“These people are obviously sexually insecure and we are not really bothered by it. But because the episode has upset Celina, we will be going online and fighting back so that she doesn’t feel alone in this.’’

One of the first people who bought the magazine includes Manvendra Singh Gohil, India’s first openly gay prince who had earlier appeared on the popular talk show Oprah.

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