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Late Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto was a multi-faceted personality.

Her charm used to grip everyone who was around her and that was the main reason why she was involved in so many things.. rather than being confined to just politics, which ruled in her family.

When Benazir was 18.. she visited India and was offered a role in a Hindi movie by comedian I. S. Johar.

“The incident happened in 1972 when Benazir had accompanied her father Z. A. Bhutto for the historic Shimla talks in the wake of the India-Pakistan war the previous year,” recalled Bollywood historian Amar Solanki on Friday.

Though Benazir declined the offer as she apparently had no interest in the entertainment industry.. for Johar, it had different consequences.

“By making the offer to Benazir, he shot to prominence in India, Pakistan and even Bangladesh which had been created in the aftermath of the war,” Solanki said.

But Benazir was definitely right.. she was made for something else. As the whole world join in prayers for her.. Right Bollywood salutes the “Martyr of the Modern World”.

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