Bollywood hottie Celina Jaitley was recently spotted at the launch of a Gitanjali jewelry store in Mumbai. The actress was wearing a dark red dress with a deep neckline and gave the fans a sneak-peak at her gorgeous cleavage. Jaitley is famous for her bikini cleavage shots from her first movie ‘Janasheen‘.

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You can check out the cleavage pictures here.

I must say, the combination of her light-coloured eyes and those assets is certainly a sight to look at! Anyways, Celina has always been more famous for her sexy looks than her acting.

The former Miss India was also a finalist in the 2001 Miss Universe beauty peagent. She won the Miss Margo Beautiful Skin, Indiatimes Surfer’s Choice, and MTV’s Most Wanted award and is brand ambassador for the Egyptian tourism.

Celina was interestingly talking about politics recently and she is a supporter of the ruling Congress party.

“Manmohan Singh has been the PM and I’m sure he will be a good PM again. From the youth it will be Rahul Gandhi and no I don’t have any other choice apart from him,” she said.

She may be looking for an option in politics as her acting career is going through low patches. Remember, how Kal Penn got a job in the White House after supporting Barrack Obama during the recent US Presidential elections?

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