Tanushree Datta

Mika Singh is always in the news when he’s surrounded by babes.

Last time he was charged with ‘kissing a girl forcefully’ at his birthday party and the girl was none other than a bigger controversy creator Rakhi Sawant.

To avoid such encounters.. recently Bengali bombshells Tanushree Datta and Koena MItra refused to pose with the troubled singer when a TV channel asked them to do so.

Mika along with the girls were scheduled to perform for a New Year’s party at a 5 star hotel in the city.

“Both the girls refused to come out and pose with Mika, as they didn’t want a repeat of the infamous Rakhi Sawant controversy,” says our source.

Common! Mika’s not going to kiss everyone who poses with him!.. Well I’m not sure but.. Ya, our safety in our hands!

But, I can tell you, the last episode brought much fame (defame) to Rakhi.. so if there’s any kiss-happy girl who wants to be the media-darling.. go for Mika!

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