Kamal Hassan’s next movie ‘Dashavtar‘ released yesterday amongst much fanfare. The movie features Kamal in ten different roles but I must say, ‘Dashavtar‘ is hugely disappointing. It lacks the story, the screenplay and of course… the music.

kamal hassan

“When you buy a ticket of Dashavtar (dubbed Hindi version), you also wish you would’ve taken the writer of this film along, who knows the film inside out, because it’s very, very difficult to decipher what’s going on, what this marathon film actually wants to convey.”

The story is about ten different people (all played by the versatile actor Kamal Hassan) who try to retrieve a stolen biological material. It starts in the United States and ends up in India, involving a CIA officer, a scientist and lots of cops. I know it seems like a quite interesting storyline but the movie loses pace as it progresses.

On the acting front, Kamal has done a good job in only two or may be, three of his ten roles. I guess the writer just couldn’t build up a strong scenario for all of them. Mallika Sherawat looks good but has little to do in the movie.

The music was given by Himesh Reshamiya. Apart from the Mukunda track, all the songs are very bad and not at all blockbuster material.

Overall, Dashavtar is really a bad piece of art and should be avoided despite the hype it created.