Bollywood star Anil Kapoor recently launched the DVD of the eight Oscars winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. The launch event was held at a five-star hotel in Mumbai and it was attended by most of the Indian cast members of the record-breaking movie.

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This is what he said about the phenomenal success of his first international project:

“There are no words for it. It was a miracle. I can’t express it; it was a phenomenon. It’s a love story, [with] this storytelling, and the music. It was something beyond what we made and what it became.”

“Every time we won an award,” he continued, “we were happy, excited and thrilled.”

Anil’s fortune has completely changed after the success of his movie. He’s now considered to be an international star, despite having been worked in only one Hollywood project. He played the witty quiz master in the game show-based movie and was applauded for his performance.

It was recently announced that Kapoor will now be joining the cast of the popular American TV show 24. This is certainly good news for the Indian entertainment industry which is now being recognised on a larger scale.

The Hollywood Reporter said the Bollywood star is set to join the cast as a Middle Eastern leader who comes to the United States on a peacekeeping mission in the upcoming eighth season of “24.”