While this may sound like one another rumour doing the rounds but some reliable sources have good reasons to believe that Salman Khan might have a little thing for southern girl Asin. Apparently, Salman and Asin are both working in Vipul Shah’s movie London Dreams and that’s how it all started.

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Salman has grown quite close to the leading lady in the movie and Katrina Kaif might have some reasons to get concerned about it.

“Salman and Asin have become extremely close to each other and Salman is extra protective about her. Apparently, Asin’s bedroom has pictures of Sallu all over… This only proves that she is really fond of him. Top it with the rumours of Katrina Kaif visiting Chandigarh to keep tabs on Salman’s closeness with Asin and it adds up to a lot.”

Now, she really seems to be concerned!

Well, Salman and Katrina are a golden couple in Bollywood and I would rather not see those two breaking up like this. There have been some reports earlier about tensions brewing between the two over some work-related issues but it all seemed fine until Asin walked in.

The lady is fresh from the huge success of her first Bollywood movie Ghajini and ya… she’s a treat to look at. Salman has had reputation of treating her leading ladies with good care and their chemistry might be because of that but, we also hear that he even bought her the Lokhandwala house she currently lives in! Now, that’s more than just professional affection.

“Although both of them have been open about their fondness for each other on the sets, they have not gone public about their closeness. But this could be because Salman has a girlfriend and Asin has an overly protective father who accompanies her everywhere.”

Seems like a couple of roadblocks before they can really hit it off but then… it will take some time. We’re definitely watching and will keep you updated.

Photos: wenn.com