Akshay Kumar

Seems like social network Facebook is attracting college students and celebrities alike. The latest to set foot on the website is none other than Akshay Kumar whose real name is Rajeev Bhatia.

His facebook id is Raju Bhatia and a poster image of his latest comic blockbuster, ‘Welcome‘ is his display picture.

Given his busy schedule it is not clear how much Akshay will really access or visit his Facebook page or whether it will be managed on his behalf by someone or whether the page gets pulled off following the news-leak!

The profile is said to have been created after the release of Welcome.. and a possibility of movie promotion cannot be declined. But, of course, it wasn’t the reason why Welcome hit the eighth spot on the top UK charts.. leaving behind many Hollywood biggies.

Akshay has been riding high post the releases of Bhool Bhulaiya and Heyy Baby.. I’ve heard he’s been commanding Rs.17 crore per film off lately. So, it’s sure a nice and convenient way for many of his fans to communicate with him.

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