Akshay Kumar’s latest movie 8×10 Tasveer has turned out to be an early flop at the box office. The movie has managed to round up only 30%-40% of multiplex audience during its first week and its performance has been worse on the single screens. It’s becoming a bigger flop with every passing day!

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The director and the producers were hoping to cash in on a thrilling murder mystery but it seems that their plan has now failed. Director Nagesh Kukunoor was so secretive before the release that he didn’t organise a screening for even the crew members and requested the reporters not to write about the ending of the movie, which seemed to be its USP.

“I just want to make a personal, humble and unusual request to you that you not divulge the ending of my film in your reviews. Given that it is a thriller and a murder mystery, its USP is the finale. I hope to reach as wide an audience as possible and I fear that the revelation of the climax may turn many viewers away.”

The interesting thing is that after the first weekend, the part being most talked about is the ending… for all the wrong reasons as it is ‘horribly wrong’ according to various viewers. The guys over at Bollywood Hungama have regarded it as a ‘supreme disaster’!

Akshay should seriously start worrying now. First, it was Chandani Chawk To China and now 8×10 Tasveer… no genre seems to be working for him this year.

I thought Kambhakkt Ishq will bring some respite for him but the movie’s release is now going hayway because of the recent producers’ strike.

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