Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is contributing his part towards making the incoming General Elections better by launching a public awareness campaign, urging the voters to ‘make an informed decision’. He has joined hands with an NGO, Association for Democratic Reforms, for the campaign.

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Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) is being run by former and present IIM professors and other educated dignitaries. They focus on getting the public informed about the candidates that are running for the election in their areas and enabling them to pick the right person as their leader.

“Many people in India don’t bother to go out and cast their vote,” Aamir says. “This has to change; not only should we be known the world over as the biggest democracy, we should also aim at being the best democracy.”

The campaign consists of three ad films, print ads and other media outlets. Two of the ad movies have already been started on TV and Aamir’s production company is bearing all the expenses for the campaign. He has roped in Prasoon Joshi as the creative head, Rakyesh Mehra as the director and Avinash Gowariker as the photographer. He is also urging the channels to air the campaign ads for free to support the cause.

“I’m requesting media houses to own this film. In other words, to air it free-of-cost because this campaign belongs to anyone who feels for his country and wants the positive message to go across. Who you vote for is your prerogative; ADR or I are not telling you who to choose,” says Khan.

This is the first time a Bollywood personality has taken such steps to the cause of fair political elections. Aamir has always been a perfectionist and going by his previous works, he will surely add to the value of the votes this time.