Moms are known to play a big part in any actor’s career in Bollywood. Now here’s a mom who is teaching her daughter (who, many says, will be the next big thing in Bollywood.. well I doubt that!) all the right lessons that she should learn before making it big in the dream industry.

Sharmilla Tagore has strictly told her daughter, budding actress Soha Ali Khan, not to do any bikini scenes in any of her films.

“She told me that if producers want me to get into a bikini just because she did so once, I’m supposed to say, ‘My mom made some mistakes. I won’t repeat them.’ There are some things which I don’t need to be told not to do, just as I’ve my own list of dos,” said Soha.

Sharmilla, an actress herself, wore a bikini in the film titled “An Evening In Paris” and was convinced by the director of the film Satyajit ray. But later she regretted for what she has done. So now she seems to be very much concerned about her daughter and also those ‘convincing directors’!!

Soha is presently acting in an untitled movie of Aparana sen gupta with her mother. She had some steamy scenes with her co star jacky who was much more eambarresed than her. He even told sharmilla to leave the sets as he could not act in the film if she is around on the sets .