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February 19th, 2009

Noida MMS: Tanya MMS Scandal Video

A new MMS case came into the light today when Tanya, a 23-year old MBA student from a local Noida B-school, was featured in a widely-distributed MMS video performing a tease for her boyfriend. The tape, being called Noida MMS scandal video, has now become a national issue.

Jodie Marsh 1

The video, showing the lady stripping to background music, was distributed by her boyfriend because she said no to a marriage proposal by the guy. He even hacked into her e-mail account and sent the video to her contacts including close friends and family.

“We’ve not received any complaint from the girl or her family or from the college,” says A.K. Tripathi, Noida’s superintendent of police (city). “But we, on our part, are investigating the matter. I’ve instructed the officer concerned to give me all the details about any developments in the case.”

The brother of the victim has now filed a written complaint with the National Commission for Women (NCW) saying that apart from defaming his sister with the act, the boy and his family also threatened the girl to refrain from going to the law.

A national news channel interviewed the girl and this is what she had to say about the incident:

“My father did not say yes (to the marriage proposal) but insisted that we complete our studies first. Later, the boy became increasingly insecure about me. Then he insisted I marry him,” the girl is said to have told the channel.

The MMS video is circulating on the internet and is believed to be a big hit after the DPS MMS scandal five years ago.

Check out ‘MMS’ video:


December 25th, 2008

Namitha Caravan Dress Change Video!

South Indian actress Namitha has been shot changing her clothes inside a caravan while shooting for a movie. The dress change video, featuring the busty actress, is currently doing rounds on the internet. This is the first major controversial video after Trisha’s bathroom clip leaked in February this year.

Kim K 1 2

Kim Kardashian was another victim of a controversial video

The actress, who is currently in Mumbai, says she is shocked about the incident and does not know when it was taken.

This is the first time an actress has been shot inside a caravan and the video clearly shows Namitha changing her clothes but it’s still unclear who put the camera over there and for which movie was she shooting for.

Namitha is currently in Mumbai for the movie Jagan Mohini.

Usually Caravans are given to big celebrities and to all actresses so that they can take rest, change their clothes, dine and have some comfort like at home. But these have become curses to some actresses.

Namitha is said to be one of the most-searched females in India with over 60 million internet surfers looking for information on her every month.

Video of Namitha is below.


April 20th, 2008

Aarti Chabria Wardrobe Malfunction!

You might remember Aarti Chabria from the movie Awara Paagal Deewana… ya, the same hot babe opposite Akshay Kumar. Well, Aarti was in Delhi recently and she had a slight wardrobe malfunction! See her photos, biography and videos here.

Aarti Chabria2
Aarti Chabria

What really happened was, minutes before Aarti got onto the stage, the zip of her ghaghra gave way! There was panic backstage but she stayed cool and went to the green room to ‘set things right’.

“I didn’t want to keep the crowd waiting, and this seemed to be the best quick fix solution that time,” she says.

Aarti Chabria Biography

Aarti was born in a Sindhi speaking family on November 21st, 1982, so her age is 25. She started her career as a fashion model, and appeared in advertisements for brands including Amul, Crack Cream, Farex, Freshna, Liril etc.

Besides these, she has also worked in some music albums.

In 1999, Aarti won the prestigious title of Miss India Worldwide. Her debut movie was Lajja in 2001. But the movie which really made her visible was Vikram Bhatt’s Awaara Pagal Deewana, released in 2002.

Since then she’s worked in Heyy Babyy, Patener and Shootout At Lokhandwala.

More pictures and video below.

Photos and Video

April 7th, 2008

Sufiah Yusof: Maths Genius Turned Hooker!

Sufiah Yusof

Maths prodigy Sufiah Yusof has revealed all about her life as a prostitute in an exclusive interview with News of The World.

Sufiah, who went to Oxford at the age of 13, sells her body at £1,000 a time. To make it interesting she recites Maths equations while having sex!

“My clients love the fact that I can stimulate their minds AND their bodies,” she boasts in a shockingly frank interview.

“And I don’t believe my education has been wasted—in fact I usually take problem sheets with me to solve before appointments.”

Contrary to many, the girl is really crazy about Maths but has chosen this life to live it to the… king size.

Sufiah Yusof2

She was a cute, shaky girl with a bright future.10 years later at the age of 23, she earns or rather charges 130 pounds per hour. Now she is a five feet five inches tall girl with a voluptuous body. A smart student, who prefers older gentleman and is available for prostitution from 11am till 8pm.

She works under the alias of Shilpa Lee.

So, how did this sudden change happen?

Sufiah was working as an administrative assistant earning £ 16,000 a year in Manchester when an escort agency boss approached her in a bar four months ago as she’d run up debts of £3,500 in rent arrears and credit cards.

Her family, who haven’t seen her in three years, has mixed emotions for Sofiah.

Her father Farooq was jailed for 18 months at Coventry Crown Court after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls.


March 19th, 2008

Kristin Davis Sex Pics Astound All

Kristen Davis

Kristin Davis Sex Pics Get Hotter!

Forget the Kristin sex tape, the rumour has it that there are over twenty sex pics available online.

Kristin Davis, one of the stars of TV hit “Sex and the City“, has been all over the Internet recently after it was reported that there is a sex tape of her available online. But, now we have pictures.

The sex pics, believed to be around 5 years old, were allegedly taken by an ex-boyfriend and are now being shopped by a California broker.

Kristin’s rep denies that the pictures are of her and insists that there is no sex tape.

“This is not a photo of Kristin Davis,” said a rep for Kristin Davis in an interview with TMZ. “There is no sex tape.”

The amount of hype this story is generating is enormous and the possibility of these pictures being that of Kristin, cannot be ruled out. But, I have seen the pics and I’m seriously… not sure.

It looks like her, but the head looks photoshopped on and breasts look pretty out-of-shape!

Sex and the City” has been off the air for 5 years and Davis’ career has focused on mainly family friendly fare such as starring in Disney’s remake of “The Shaggy Dog” and the holiday movie “Deck the Halls.” However, with Davis scheduled to star in the “Sex and the City” movie this May, there is bound to be some buzz.


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